What is huevodurosolar?

Welcome to this site !!!.

This place was created as a byproduct a series of studies on various types of solar energy utilization.

The cooking of an egg was used as a simple indicator of the temperature achieved in different trials. During testing and establishing certain control to compare with the systems under study. Well, we observed that the eggs used as a control system was cooked perfectly.

For this reason, here we focus on something as concrete as is the process of hard-boiled eggs using solar energy.

The Solar Cooking Systems described, given its ease of use, can be used domestically, and also on a larger scale, in restaurants, cottages, hostels, campsites, etc. Wherever it receives adequate sunlight exposure and want to prepare boiled eggs.


We are interested in systems to harness solar enery that have the following characteristics: SIMPLE, CHEAP and AFFORDABLE.


Thinking in people who are in favor of saving energy,
in those who prefer to use renewable energy
in people who want to take care of our environment,
in people who do not want to spend money on energy,
in whom, unfortunately, do not have money to spend on energy,
thinking about them all ... this website has been created.


In June 2012 we have opened a new section called "Pyramids and Pyramidal Elements". Here, we focus on harnessing solar energy using pyramids and pyramidal elements. In fact, we harness the pyramidal solar reflection and the Pyramidal Solar Concentration.


In September 2012 we created "Orientation using the Sun".  Where are the elements called SUPER GNOMON consisting shadow and solar reflection.
In the month of October 2012 has opened the Aztec Sun Disks section dedicated to the interpretation of the forms that appear as a result of solar reflection.


Subsequently, the following topics have been developed:

     * Discoid Stelae and the Sun

     * Tiahuanaco Monoliths

     * Puma Punku. H blocks and the Sun

     * Atlantes of Tula (Mexico)

     * Ha´amonga ´a Maui Tongatapu & Sun

     * Easter Island´s Moai and the Sun

     * Aramu Muru (Hayu Marca, Peru)

     * Sun and Art

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Thank you for your attention.


The creators of huevodurosolar.es